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HTS Online Training

Can't make it to Cincinnati, Ohio to work with coach then this is the program for you. 

Online training is a way to work with a coach for literally anywhere in the world.

In many ways, having an online coach is no different from having a coach work with you in real time.

I’m going to assess both your posture and movement, looking for issues that could possibly hold you back.

I’m going to write a customized program, based on your unique needs and goals.

And I’m going to coach you on your lifting technique, and help you improve your form on the various lifts.

The only downside to working with me online versus in person is that we won’t have the immediate feedback that you’d get from a live session.

Instead, we’ll rely on videos so that I can still review your technique and give you things to work on from week-to-week.

But consider how valuable it would be to have someone objective writing your programs?

I know I have some of my close friends who are strength coaches write me up programs from time to time just change things up or work within a new philosophy. 

If you’re serious about getting more out of your body, then let’s talk about how you can get started.

I Want in Coach – How Do I Get Started?