A letter to my younger self

Be smart and realize you are taking the backroads to the top. You will get there but it will in no way be the path you thought it would be. Realized that sometimes those who take the highway to the top might not have the same life experiences and knowledge you have gained by taking the route you did. Don’t be jealous of their success but rather embrace it and learn from them they got there for a reason. Also realize if something sparks a change and you do get to take the highway to the top that those who have taken the backroads might be wiser than you think.

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External Rotation

According to Seroyer, MD & Nho, MD “Increased amounts of shoulder external rotation help to allow the accelerating forces to act over the longest distance,25 allowing greater pre-stretch and elastic energy transfer to the ball during acceleration.21,31,35” While greater amount of external rotation can be a predictor of increase velocity it also causes increased stress on the UCL and we all know what that means.

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Baseball Speed Development Part III

Rather than trying to teach an athlete a broad skill of stride length and frequency we need to look at what are the qualities that allows an athlete to excel at each of these different buckets/phases of speed. What we do at ProForce is break down those qualities and then structure our speed work around those qualities which gives us very specifically targeted drills that will enhance the skills of acceleration, transition, max velocity (top end speed), and finally multi-directional (change of direction).

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Part Two: Creating a speed development program knowing where you are

I vividly remember my first day of my first assistant coach job after leaving the University of South Florida. I was watching the head coach run groups through all day and most of what we were doing was all speed and agility related. However, these were skills and drills I had never seen before and was honestly intimidated myself to demo. Now this job was in the private sector which explains why we spent more time on speed and agility then weights, unlike the college realm I had just left

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A look back on 2016

2016 was a great year for me professionally and personally. I wanted to take the time to share what I learned this past year. 

  • You are only as successful as you think you can be. I found that my biggest road block in building ProForce Sports Performance was my lack of confidence that I could actually be more successful. Once I was making what I wanted to make dollar wise I become super complacent and didn't' challenge myself or the company to produce more. I also didn't really have the confidence that I could actually bring in more than what my goals were already set at. My challenge is to always move my minimal month, goal month, best month every numbers. 


  • You have to have faith! It doesn't really matter to me what you personally believe in you just have to believe in it. Once I believed in what ProForce could do we saw great things happen. But even as the owner I had to stop being distracted by outside noise and just have faith in what I was building. Also I have learned the ole saying that good things come to those that wait is 100% true. Fools really do rush in. For those of you that run your own business rely on your faith and remember to go with your gut and don't ever rush into anything. 


  • Failure is sometimes better than success. I am sure you have heard before that you can not truly learn until you fail. Well it was because of our 2015 failures in March and April that led to us having better numbers in those months this past year. You must embrace your failures instead of hanging your head in defeat. 


  • Keep it simple stupid! I would say for the past 4 years I have taken more out of my programs then I have added. Have a system and believe it what it can do there is no need to fill programs with the latest craze or exercise trend. Just use what you know works! 

How we overhead press with our overhead athletes

I like the progression and regression system I have come up with because it never really allows the athlete to become so strong in the overhead press that I become worried about stressing the shoulder joint or creating the hypertrophy in the deltoid that causes superior glenohumeral migration. Rather pay attention to the body positioning we use to place the body in a position that will challenge it to learn the correct core stabilization necessary to perform the movement. 

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Offseason means OFF season

Off-sea-son: A time of year when a particular activity, typically a sport, is not engaged in.

Now that we have managed to clear up what an offseason is. Lets look at it in the context of youth sports. Most summer leagues for middle school players ends around June/July and high school players normally end summer ball around July/August.

However most of these players will join fall leagues if they live in the north until the end of September or if they live in the south their season may continue longer.

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How pitchers should train their biceps

While I agree whole heartedly with the data I thought it might be a good idea to clarify how to efficiently train the biceps for those of you who ran to the ez curl bar and started doing some curls in the hope of increasing velocity.

I noticed the comments that were being made were all about "why have I been told not to do biceps by my coach." I want to first examine why you have been told not to do bicep curls.

The reason you have been told not to biceps as a pitcher comes down to the anatomy of the bicep. The biceps tendon insertion point is at the superior aspect of the Labrum. Now why does this mean you shouldn’t get your biceps jacked….

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