A look back on 2016

2016 was a great year for me professionally and personally. I wanted to take the time to share what I learned this past year. 

  • You are only as successful as you think you can be. I found that my biggest road block in building ProForce Sports Performance was my lack of confidence that I could actually be more successful. Once I was making what I wanted to make dollar wise I become super complacent and didn't' challenge myself or the company to produce more. I also didn't really have the confidence that I could actually bring in more than what my goals were already set at. My challenge is to always move my minimal month, goal month, best month every numbers. 


  • You have to have faith! It doesn't really matter to me what you personally believe in you just have to believe in it. Once I believed in what ProForce could do we saw great things happen. But even as the owner I had to stop being distracted by outside noise and just have faith in what I was building. Also I have learned the ole saying that good things come to those that wait is 100% true. Fools really do rush in. For those of you that run your own business rely on your faith and remember to go with your gut and don't ever rush into anything. 


  • Failure is sometimes better than success. I am sure you have heard before that you can not truly learn until you fail. Well it was because of our 2015 failures in March and April that led to us having better numbers in those months this past year. You must embrace your failures instead of hanging your head in defeat. 


  • Keep it simple stupid! I would say for the past 4 years I have taken more out of my programs then I have added. Have a system and believe it what it can do there is no need to fill programs with the latest craze or exercise trend. Just use what you know works! 
Kevin Hollabaugh