A letter to my younger self

This profession isn’t for the faint of heart and really isn’t even yet much of a profession yet as you will enter your 30’s still struggling to make nearly as much as your friends around you. But don’t worry because you will enjoy going to work every day and you will be making a huge difference in the lives of so many athletes. The money will come in time just keep learning and doing great work and people will recognize.

I know your dream starting out is to become a head Major League Baseball strength coach, and well you will soon find out that isn’t for you when you get to meet the love of your life and decide family time is more important. Don’t worry you will get to work with plenty of baseball players in the offseason every year.

You will end up seeing if you like working in the college setting only to find it just isn’t your cup of tea and you really don’t want your job security tied to the head coach. In just a few short years you will go from having no clue what the hell you are doing to reaching your new goal of working for one of the industry’s best at St. Vincent Health. You will meet and gain some of the best mentors in the business and these individuals will challenge you to set out and achieve your new dream of opening your own performance facility.

I want to pose this question to you “would you rather take the backroads or the highway to get somewhere”? I know what you will answer with. You love the backroads, you love taking the extra time on the way to work it is much more relaxing and you really get to enjoy the views and topography along the way. I want you to remember this question as you complain about the long hours you’re working or how you haven’t received a call from the big-time facility or school.

Be smart and realize you are taking the backroads to the top. You will get there but it will in no way be the path you thought it would be. Realized that sometimes those who take the highway to the top might not have the same life experiences and knowledge you have gained by taking the route you did. Don’t be jealous of their success but rather embrace it and learn from them they got there for a reason. Also realize if something sparks a change and you do get to take the highway to the top that those who have taken the backroads might be wiser than you think.

Don’t complain, don’t worry, don’t stress just make the big time where you are at and enjoy the time there. Realize that money isn’t everything and that relationships and time is worth more than gold. The connections you will make on your journey will last a lifetime and will be worth more than any amount of money.