PF Education Episode III (Hacking the Single Leg RDL)

When I was at the Northeast Ohio Strength Clinic two weeks ago a question came up during one of the speakers talks as to how can you correct the hips from flying open during learning the single leg RDL. 

While it was not my presentation I chimed in because we had just reviewed this topic in a staff meeting. Our conclusion was a simple one we would build a progression up to a single leg RDL but would not make it a staple exercise anymore. 

The more we thought about the single leg RDL we realized we rarely see it progressively loaded over time. We have currently moved to this simple progression that helps teach the athlete a hip hinge and how to stabilized the hips throughout the movement. 


  • Split Stance RDL
  • *Modified Single Leg RDL
  • Slider Single Leg RDL
  • Foam Roller Single Leg RDL
  • Single Leg RDL

*Modified Single Leg RDL has replaced the Single Leg RDL on our "A List" of exercises. Due to its ability to be loaded easier for our athletes and clients. 

Kevin HollabaughComment