ProForce Education (40 yard dash set up) Episode I

With the NFL combine wrapping up and high school football players starting to work on more combine specific work in preparation for camps and showcases. Coach Clay Mefford wanted to dive into working through how to teach a repeatable set up for the 40 yard dash. Now there are hundred's of ways out there to teach the set up and by no means do we consider this method superior to anyone else's. We have just seen good success with this set up process over the years and it gives our athletes good confidence when they are their events. 

NKY Performance Manager Clay Mefford and Program Director Kevin Hollabaugh go over how we teach the three point stance.

In the video below I review a few additional pointers and common mistakes that we will see with the three point stance set up. We really hope you enjoy the videos and look forward brining you more educational content as soon as we can. If you have any questions or have a topic you would like us to discuss then please leave it in the comments below.